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Rainika PhotoGraphik

Rainika PhotoGraphik is the husband and wife team of Tekoa Predika and Michelle Rainey. The name Rainika, a combo of their two last names, was born when they started doing collaborative photography events together. Tekoa and Michelle have been doing tintype portraits, with the historical wet plate collodion process, at festivals, museums, and markets for the past decade. Michelle and Tekoa see the importance of keeping analogue photography alive and they enjoy doing workshops and gatherings to share some of the techniques they like working with especially Pinhole photography. Both are graduates of the Alberta University of the Arts and use analogue photography in their own individual art works as well as the work they do as Rainika primarily working with film, pinhole, large format with paper negative, and the cyanotype process.
Currently Michelle and Tekoa are taking bookings for tintypes portraits at their studio space located in the central neighbourhood of Bankview in Southwest Calgary.

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